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An all-in-one platform

Centralize your daily life in one place. Your work tools, communication, and project management on a single platform.

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Accessible from any device

Stop searching among your 12 applications. Everything is on Modul'.

Separate your activities

Avoid mixing your routine, your projects, your clients, ...

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Collaborate with everyone on your team

A fluid interface

A smooth tool, for fulfilling work.

Discover our AI assistant

Our AI technology is designed to enhance productivity and streamline your workflow. Experience unparalleled efficiency with tools that adapt to your needs.

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Correct sentances easily by asking AI

Our AI assistant can help you correct sentences and improve your writing skills.

Create a creativity-enhancing environment

Our AI assistant can help you create a creativity-enhancing environment by providing you with suggestions and ideas.


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Modules designed
for each of your needs

Whether you are a student, a professional, a creative, or if you want to take control of your life, there is a module for you.

  • Notes

    Manage your notes and tasks in one place, and easily find them thanks to the search.

  • Calendar

    Create events, reminders, tasks, and sync them with your calendar.

  • Todo List

    Develop task lists, checklists, to best structure your work.

  • Whiteboard

    Create whiteboards to organize your ideas, projects, and teams.

  • Kanban

    Plan your tasks and projects with Kanban boards.

  • Mood Tracker

    Track your mood and emotions, to better understand your mindset.

An ideal tool for


Define your environments

Whether you use it for your work, your studies, or your projects, organize your environments effortlessly.


Modul' is designed to be simple and intuitive. You can start using it in a few minutes.
Modul' is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of the world, allowing you always to be one step ahead.
With Modul', collective work has never been so simple. You can invite your collaborators, friends, or family to join your environments.


A platform

Centralize your tools and teams on a single platform, and increase your productivity.

Creation of customized environments
Allows creating customizable virtual workspaces for organization.
Task and project management
Integrated tools for task and project management, allowing efficient planning and monitoring.
Integration of third-party tools and services
Integrates various services and automations directly into your environment.
Real-time sharing and collaboration
Sharing functionalities to collaborate on environments with your colleagues, friends, or family.
Intuitive interface
A user interface suited to all uses and easy to handle.
Interactive learning modules
Offers modules and environments dedicated to learning and education, with resources and interactive content.
Data security
Modul' uses cutting-edge technologies to ensure the security of your data and environments.
Multiplatform accessibility
Modul' is available on all your devices, allowing you to work from anywhere.


Stay focused on what's truly essential

Modul' uses a unique approach to help you focus.

You can disable notifications and the news feed, as well as many other interesting features to stay focused on what you are doing.


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The essentials, Simplified

Mastering your tools is the key to your success.


Create the spaces that suit you.

Multiple components

Use the tools adapted to your goals.


Don't limit yourself in your projects, and work with others too.

Enhanced experience

Implement the best practices that suit you.


Take control of your life

Start using Modul' for free today.

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