Our will,
To simplify your daily life.

Let's improve our efficiency to work better...
To work less.

The values we uphold

Mental well-being
and life balance

We advocate productivity not to do more... but to do better.
Reducing mental load, simplifying daily tasks, and freeing up time for personal life, that's the life balance we promote.

Personal development and valorization

We value each individual, by providing the tools and resources necessary to fully realize their potential.

Transparency and goodwill

Modul' commits to acting with transparency and goodwill, ensuring clear and open communication.

Simplicity and accessibility

Modul' is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, making technology accessible to everyone. We aim to simplify your digital routine, making your experience as enjoyable as efficient.

Simple victories

Defining us much more than complex numbers


lives simplified


goals achieved


hours of collaboration


efficiency gained


post-its avoided

What we offer

Simplify life, Touch millions

At Modul', our mission goes beyond the simple idea of simplifying everyday life: we commit to reinventing task and project management for millions of people.

In a world where the abundance of tools and the dispersion of information complicate work, Modul’ stands as the solution, embodying a vision of a lightened and harmonious life.

Centralization and Liberation

Our goal? To centralize your activities on Modul’, offering a unique platform that not only increases your productivity but also frees up to 15% of your time.

This precious time that you can then devote to your passions and other projects. Modul’ is more than a suite of tools; it's the beginning of a revolution, a step towards the productivity of tomorrow.

Transforming everyday life

With Modul’, we promise to transform your everyday life. By simplifying the coordination of your tasks, individual or collective, and centralizing your work management in real-time.

We eliminate the need for constant email exchanges. Discover the efficiency and clarity of a unified solution.

A Coherent suite of tools

The Modul' team is committed to providing interconnected tools, ensuring a smooth transition between your notes, your task lists, and your Kanban boards. This offers you a comprehensive and coherent view of your projects.

With Modul', optimal organization is no longer a challenge, but an accessible reality, allowing you to focus on what really matters to you.

At Modul',

Breaks and discussions

At Modul', coffee is our metronome, marking moments of exchange among colleagues. We encourage regular breaks, whether to breathe and take a step back from our work, or to chat with our colleagues to strengthen team bonds.


No difference is made between collaborators and managers, everyone shares moments of life together, avoiding misunderstandings and the feeling of not being understood


We implement concrete actions daily for the integration of our collaborators by carrying out team buildings on current topics, such as climate murals, conferences on inequalities in companies and particularly in the tech world.


We are currently engaged in a process of facilitated access to information technologies by making Modul’ as accessible as possible to everyone.

Message from the Founders

Damien Schneider
CEO of Modul'

Modul’ was born from the desire to simplify everyone's daily life. We all have routines, habits, tasks that are unique to us and that rhythm our everyday life. Too often we hear people say they don't have time, too many people using tools that are not optimized for them, too many people feeling overwhelmed by technology. It's against this that we fight. It's time to make simple, intuitive and effective tools accessible to everyone. It's time to unleash everyone's potential that lies within us. It's time to turn our routines into victories.

Thibault Chausson
CTO of Modul'

Modul’ is more than just a project, I firmly believe that it can be useful to the majority on a daily basis, that it will help to fight the minor annoyances we may encounter in our activities. In a world where daily demands confront us with a significant mental load, I see Modul’ as a beacon of hope. It's the beginning of a transformation, the first step towards a profound change that allows us to turn challenges into opportunities and forge an inspiring future. I hope you will enjoy using Modul’ as much as we enjoy developing it.

Maxime Boudignon
CMO of Modul'

We live at a frantic pace, with constantly evolving desires and needs. Today, well-being becomes essential for everyone. It is in this spirit that we work daily on its improvement, that I work every day. If I chose to be part of this adventure, it's primarily because I've always enjoyed helping others. Today, I have the opportunity every day to contribute by allowing everyone to improve their daily life through the use of Modul’. To simplify the lives of thousands of people, we put all our skills to work. We work with conviction to guarantee you a better version of yourself for tomorrow.